We specialize in creativity and innovation. Many of our videos explicitly feature creative individuals, such as in our Compositions and Centerstage performance videos. Innovative organizations are presented as the theme in our Spotlights. Other categories, including Airborne, Research, and Advertising, feature innovative methods, products, and services.

We are research-driven because our team applies research skills to the design and content of each video. Strong videos don't just happen out of sheer creativity. Many questions must be considered and researched to produce a measurably effective video.

We also undertake primary research projects, including using video in ethnographic work, such as the IP For All project, which explores people's understanding of intellectual property and how to protect it.

We work as your team to answer the questions that will make your video effective. We cover our approach – the Camisary® research-driven video system – in a free, one-hour Camisary Clinic offered at our studios every other Wednesday.

We review your DNA (Digital Native Assets) options for creating your online, digital identity. We explain how to use video to achieve your marketing, financial, educational, or other mission goals.

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You did an excellent job, and we've received a lot of compliments from our customers about the video.

Caitlin Lyon, Pizzelle's Confections

Camisary regularly donates video production and research expertise to support artists, artisans, musicians, nonprofits, and centers of innovation. Many of our videos are produced through this support. Please help us continue to strengthen our community as a Camisary Community Sponsor. Sponsorship are not tax-deductible. Thank you!

Camisary Video Categories

Camisary creates a wide range of web and conventional videos, including Advertising, Events, Civic, Research, and Airborne videos. See Services for details. In addition, we features certain categories of videos that share common creative or innovative traits. These are summarized here, arranged by general topics:

Expressive/Innovative Individuals

Camisary Compositions feature individual artists and performers in an expressive and creative style that conveys their individual talents both through narratives told by the subject as well as images of the subject at work. The growing number of Compositions reflects vibrant evidence of Huntsville's creative scene.

Camisary Centerstage videos are full-length performances by musicians and spoken word artists that record a complete performance of one of their works. Imagine how your own music video can amp up your performance career.

Camisary Highlights are videos about individual innovators and their creative scientific, engineering, or other technical work. While Spotlights focus on innovative labs or organizations, Highlights present innovative individuals.

Organizational/Commercial Innovation

Camisary Spotlights introduce a research laboratory, facility, or company engaged in cutting-edge innovation to exemplify the commercial potential of research and development in north Alabama. Spotlights provide a powerful, visual way to display the extraordinary innovation emerging from Huntsville and north Alabama.

Camisary Catalyst videos are a series of regularly scheduled announcements to promote a brand or inspire action. Imagine sharing a new batch of marketing tips with your audience every Monday. Or announcing a new shipment of wines for the season, featuring a different label each week.

Camisary Events are presented as separate series of events sponsored by different client organizations.


Camisary Grounded videos feature farming, national parks, landscape architecture, and use of renewable resources to raise public and policy-maker awareness of our precious, mutually life-sustaining and awe-inspiring relation with the earth.

Camisary Civic videos are examples of contributions to society through representative government, nonprofit work, and other forms of civic engagement.

Camisary Real Estate videos and photography present properties featured by selected, collaborating agents.


Camisary Airborne are videos produced in cooperation with the Avion Unmanned commercial UAS division, FAA-certified pilots of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) aircraft.

Camisary Research videos are selected excerpts of ethnographic and interview research projects posted with permission by our clients.

Camisary Advertising videos exemplify our approach to advertising and promotion, particularly for web-based campaigns.

Camisary Callsign Corporate logo design and animation.


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