Innovation Hour

The mission of the Camisary Innovation Hour project is to increase commercialization of innovations originating in Huntsville-area research and development laboratories, government contractors, and other companies and organizations.

This page is a work in progress intended to catalyze and facilitate the process of commercializing innovations based in laboratories and companies in Huntsville and north Alabama. Comments and suggestions are welcome; please send to

This site is especially intended for entrepreneurs, business partners, and venture funders (angels and venture capitalists) seeking new technology that is market-ready or close to market-ready. The site provides such visitors with direct access to such technology to pursue further information and negotiation.


This Innovation Hour project undertaken by Camisary, Inc. is funded in part by the City of Huntsville as a means to increase and promote local economic development by facilitating commercialization of existing and emerging innovations located in companies and organizations not well suited to capitalize their commercial potential, particularly through entrepreneurial efforts.

For example, while innovations originating in universities can be commercialized through the university's office of technology commercialization (or a similar office), often the missing but essential element can be the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team best suited to exploit market potential. Federal labs, including those at NASA and the Army, are faced with the challenge of commercializing their intellectual property. Successful government contracting companies particularly in the defense space may create innovations that have commercial potential, but are not internally prepared to pursue commercial markets, and so may seek external partners or an entrepreneur to launch a startup subsidiary or spinoff.

To gauge Huntsville as a suitable site for such innovation, it may be helpful to consider how well the region represents the capacity for such success. According to the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, there are critical success factors present in areas in which innovation and entrepreneurship thrive:

Regional innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems – which have a culture of idea generation, leadership, trust, openness to forging new partnerships with disparate parties, entrepreneurial development, investment capital, and a large pool of accomplished managers – often fuel these partnerships and collaborations. Robust, sustainable regional innovation ecosystems help drive national competitiveness. (Source: EDA Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity FY2016 Regional Innovation Strategies Program, August 2016, page 3.)

The critical seven factors for regional innovation are:

  1. Culture of idea generation
  2. Leadership
  3. Trust
  4. Openness to new partnerships with disparate parties
  5. Entrepreneurial development
  6. Investment capital
  7. Large pool of accomplished managers

Innovation Hour addresses a perceived deficit of entrepreneurial development, investment capital, and accomplished, entrepreneurial managers (factors 5, 6, and 7) able to commercialize the growing volume of technical innovations resulting from the culture of idea generation (factor 1) particularly in the research laboratories and government contracting companies in the region.

Specific Innovation Hour objectives are to:

  1. Identify and map sources of innovations ready for commercialization;
  2. Showcase examples of technology ready for commercialization through video presentations; and
  3. Post videos of startup companies presenting their innovations and seeking investment or partners.

Each of these objectives is further discussed below.

This Innovations site will serve as a source for innovative technologies that need commercialization partners, entrepreneurs, and/or financing. If you are interested in any of the innovations presented here, please contact the source directly. Innovation Hour and Camisary, Inc. do not accept any financial consideration from transactions initiated through this site.

For further information on the Innovation Hour project, please email

Sources of Innovations

Camisary is conducting an ongoing survey of innovations at the approximately 300 government contractor companies located in and near Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Results will be posted and updated here. Also posted here are other sources of technology in the region ready for commercialization.


NASA Spinoffs

Fluid Structure Coupling

Patent Portfolio



Spotlights are videos created by Camisary to present and describe laboratories and companies or organizations engaged in world-class innovation through research and development. Camisary Spotlight videos are posted here.

Alabama Robotics Technology Park


Mobile Training Unit

Technical Training

UAH Unmanned Aerial Systems Laboratory

UAS Development and Integration Lab

Complex Systems Integration Lab


Startups are new ventures based in or near Huntsville, Alabama that feature technology innovations and are seeking business partners and/or financing.

American Wind

Contact Robert Yost:

Contact John Cummings:


Other Innovation Links

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