Being Intuitive: The First Twenty Years


Learn more about the INTUITIVE family in this employee tribute video to their founders, Harold Brewer and Rey Almodovar. On June 3, 2019, INTUITIVE celebrated 20 years of business. This video explains what makes them so strong today.


Tangled String Studios: A Guitar Maker's Story


We sat down with Danny Davis, a former rocket propulsion engineer at NASA, who expertly crafts guitars. His story captivated us, and we hope you'll take the time to enjoy it as well.


One Common Goal


We sought to tell the story of three public school systems in Huntsville City, Madison City, and Madison County, Alabama, and the goal they share to achieve exceptional education for our children and their future. We teamed up with The Schools Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County to raise awareness and appreciation of the complex ecosystem of dedication, hard work, and resources applied to educate the 53,000 students in our public schools every day. We were struck by the energy and commitment of thousands of employees who work from predawn to after dark to achieve one common goal.

We hope you will share a renewed appreciation for all the individuals who, together, make possible this exceptional educational enterprise.


Roger Jones, 2016 County Commissioner Election Campaign

Community. Service. Voice.

Once we sat down with Roger, we knew what we wanted to focus on. There were three words that described him perfectly. All the work he's done and is doing in District One combined into three concepts: Community. Service. Voice. 

It was our job to reveal these attributes to people in three visual pieces that strongly convey each word. 


Next, we wanted to find different leaders in the community who from experience could testify to the good work Roger is doing for District One. 

We produced eight testimonials. Here are four from people from various backgrounds. 


After compiling material to work with, we started presenting Roger's message to the community. 

Below is our TV ad.

Final Push.

In the last few days before the election, we crafted two video concepts to drive the message home.

The first was a series of short testimonials, titled, "I'm Voting For Roger Jones Because..." These pieces delivered specific, heartfelt reasons why people were going to vote for Roger Jones.

The second concept, titled, "Vote for Roger Jones," provided a visual map for how to vote for Roger. The night before the election, we placed this on social media to remind voters one more time why they would be voting for the right man. There's no music, audio, nothing. It's just a visual reminder of Roger's message.

These videos resulted from our multi-media strategy for winning campaigns. It worked, for Roger, and for our other political clients.



Roger Jones was re-elected to County Commissioner for another four years.

But that wasn't the end of our job. We spent considerable time after the election to reflect on what happened, what worked, what we could have done differently. We're always learning.


Dreams in Flight: The Homer B. Wilson, Jr. Aircraft Collection and Memories


Wendy Wilson wanted a tribute to her father that described his collection of vintage airplanes and the impact he had on those who knew him. An estate auction for the planes is scheduled for 6 May 2017 at the Homer B. Wilson Vintage Air Museum in Guntersville, Alabama.


Invetex Halotile


Invetex Corporation invented an amazing solution to a mission-critical problem. But the concept was difficult to convey. Our solution: Are you prepared for a water disaster? If you need their product, go to:


Centerstage: Logan Bowden

Our first installment of Camisary Centerstage was a stellar success. Logan Bowden is a true musician and rising star. Just watch this live recording.

To learn more about Logan and follow his journey, visit his Facebook page here



Check out our behind-the-scenes look at the setup and preparation it took to make this performance a reality!


J. Leko | Furniture Maker


J. Leko specializes in the art of furniture making and woodworking. His creations are diverse and thoughtful. We settled into his workshop to hear his story about how he got into carpentry, and to watch how he crafts his art. What we saw was more than plane! 


Intellectual Property For All

Camisary, Inc. has joined with the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ) and the Museum for Black Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBIE) to undertake an ongoing program to raise national awareness of intellectual property rights, particularly among underserved populations, and to empower individuals with the ability to protect and commercialize their IP without exploitation. This initiative is based on video ethnographic research to document current understanding of IP among creative individuals and thought leaders, which provides a baseline to measure change and a source of insight into how to achieve the project's aims.

This project is a direct outgrowth of a recent law text, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Social Justice: From Swords to Ploughshares (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015), edited by Lateef Mtima, founder and executive director of the IIPSJ and intellectual property law professor at Howard University.

Here we feature a number of video clips drawn from our ethnographic research. Each clip illustrates a particular theme or finding, and provides a vivid and provocative basis to launch a more in-depth conversation about the theme and the topic of IP for all.



John R. Whitman, Ph.D., author of "An entrepreneurship approach to achieving IP social justice" in the law text noted above, executive director of MBIE, and Executive Producer at Camisary, Inc., introduces the video ethnography project.

Barbershops can raise awareness

Expressionist Dwight Pope and barber Chris Baker discuss the educational role of churches, barbershops and beauty salons.


In a perfect world, ...

Business Dean Del Smith and David Person, media content producer, consider what IP would look like in a perfect world.


Regulators favor big business

Business dean Del Smith notes that the law and regulators appear to favor corporations over creative individuals.

Business schools can play a role

Delmonize (Del) Smith, Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration at Alabama A & M University, notes that business schools can play a role in raising awareness of intellectual property both in the classroom and in the community.

City planners can promote creativity

Dennis Madsen, long-ranger planner for the City of Huntsville and expressionist Dwight Pope discuss the role of planners to promote creativity.

Hip-hop culture created an explosion

Dwight Pope, expressionist, barber Chris Baker, and drummer Frederick Walker recount how hip-hop ignited an explosion of creativity.

Misappropriation is too common

Poet Kisha Freed and dean Del Smith talk about cases of misappropriation of IP.

IP doesn't resonate

Kisha Freed, poet and publisher, and business dean Del Smith share their awareness of IP and note that the term, "intellectual property" does not resonate with creative people.

Artists should adopt high standards

Writer and spoken word artist Marc Lacy advises artists to strive for high standards in their work; Angela Walker, CEO of Huntsville Community Drumline now recognizes the real need to protect IP. 

It's important to teach young people

Frederick Walker, percussion instructor, and Angela Walker, founder and CEO of Huntsville Community Drumline, note the importance of teaching young people about intellectual property.

IP is not well understood

Business Dean Del Smith and David Person, radio show host and columnist, share the impression that intellectual property is not well understood by many.


Jeff Irons | Irons Distillery


After 100 years, Alabama only recently passed a law allowing new distilleries in the state, having prohibited them since 1915. Watch how Jeff Irons is turning this opportunity into high art.